So what is life all about? Where is God in the Corona Virus? Did Jesus even exist? This 10-week course is designed to let you ask the tough questions, give your opinions, and maybe learn some stuff about life along the way! You will make new friends, you will enjoy the experience and it could change your life! Alpha runs across 10 sessions and includes a short film and a discussion, there is no pressure, no follow up and no charge!

What is Alpha?

The Alpha course is a series of sessions over 10 weeks. These sessions allow people to come and explore, learn, refresh and grow in the Christian faith. The course is delivered Online in the comfort of your own home. It is a fantastic start for those who are searching for answers about life and for people who are new to Christianity.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is open to everyone. People come from all backgrounds, religions and viewpoints. Everyone has questions about, “The Purpose of Life?”, “What about the afterlife?”, “Who is Jesus and what did he come to do?” etc. At Alpha, we explore and try to answer all these questions using the Bible, historical materials and peoples’ testimonies. Many others come to renew their faith or strengthen their daily walk with God.



Haze Bryan
Haze BryanLead Alpha Coordinator

 Andy and Emma Hitchcock are our Alpha Coordinators and they and their team look forward to meeting you at Alpha.

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