Our Team

The life of Beacon is led through two main groups who serve Jesus in our community, these are the Elders and Deacons and Ministry Team Leaders. You can find out more about our Ministry Team Leaders on the Our Programme Page.

The terms Elders and Deacons are Biblical terms that describe Spiritual and Logistical leadership in the first cent church; 1 Timothy: 1-13, Titus 1: 5-9. We keep these titles but emphasise they are not simply positions but functions that facilitate the life and witness of the church.


Sandy McMeekin
Sandy McMeekinLead Pastor
Sandy comes from Belfast and is married to Liz. Sandy had a career in Art, Teaching and Retail before he came to study Theology and Christian Ministry at Regents Theological College. He has led two other churches in the Elim Family at West Bromwich and Kilsyth in Scotland, before joining Beacon in 2011. Sandy has a passion for The Word and teaching. His vision is to see a vibrant, authentic, Spirit filled, Word rich community of maturing believers who are abundantly active in the great commission of Jesus. Sandy loves reading, especially theological and Christian books, as well as history, art and football. Sandy has shaped Beacon to be a discipling church, with every event shaped around the core value of making modern apprentices of Jesus.
Liz McMeekin
Liz McMeekin
Liz McMeekin is Sandys wife. Liz partners Sandy in leading Beacon providing support, input and biblical wisdom along with Sandy as they lead Beacon. Liz has a special passion for developing, coaching and mentoring people. Liz loves reading, cooking/baking, and lots of other things too many to mention! Liz is a key component in the life of Beacon.


Merv Sargeant
Merv SargeantElder
Merv Sargeant is an Elder at Beacon. Merv supervises church finances and is a keen supporter of football at local level.
Haze Bryan
Haze BryanElder
Haze Bryan is an Elder and is also Church Secretary. Haze is married to Ke and heads up several ministries at Beacon including Keys To Freedom. Haze is our Life Groups Co-ordinator. Haze enjoys her family and social gatherings around good food.


Ke Bryan
Ke BryanDeacon
Ke Bryan is a Deacon. Ke is married to Haze and is responsible for site maintenance along with Darren Hunt. He also is part of the team that heads up our Mens Ministry; Band of Brothers. Ke is a keen runner and often runs to raise support for charity.
Darren Hunt
Darren HuntDeacon
Darren Hunt is a Deacon. Darren is married to Jo and is the leader of the Worship Ministry at Beacon. Darren is also responsible for site maintenance along with Ke Bryan. At Beacon, Darren is known as the “If anyone can Darren can man!”. Darren enjoys being outdoors, running, swimming, cycling, triathlon.
Jo Hunt
Jo HuntDeacon
Jo Hunt is a Deacon. Jo is married to Darren. Jo is responsible for the processes at Beacon including Health and Safety, Health and Hygiene, Risk Assessment, Fire Safety and Safeguarding. Jo is also the Safeguarding officer at Beacon. She also finds time to serve on youth and on worship teams. Jo enjoys family.
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